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A Seychelles corporation is the cheapest option when looking to incorporate the sheapest offshore company. It is cheaper than Belize, the most common offshore destination and offers similar benefits.

A Seychelles corporation can be used for international trade, investment holding and property holding. There is a requirement of a minimum of one director and one shareholder but there is no public filing of the names of the shareholders or directors. The Seychelles offshore company law is based on that of BVI. Seychelles has recently become more and more popular as a choice as an offshore destination. Our prices are the lowest and include all corporate documents. Documents are mailed directly to the client via express mail.

We aim to make company formation available and affordable to everyone, in particular to small businesses that have refrained from going offshore out of fear of high costs, complex paperwork and complicated registration procedures.

Rest assured that the above companies have no trading history and therefore no adverse credit or debts are owed by them.

Yes. If you don’t wish to use your home address as the company’s registered office address then you can purchase our registered office address service, or any other of the office services we offer for your newly purchased company.

Absolutely. If you wish to change the registered name of the company then there is no problem in changing the company name for you.


  • Immediate availability – The shelf Company formed is ready to be shipped for immediate delivery rather than needing to wait for government filing.
  • Possible increased ability to bid on contracts. Many bids on contracts require that the business be between two and five years. This works best when your actual time in the business corresponds to the age of the company.
  • Faster access to credit (as it takes quicker for the company to get to you).

  • Faster to obtain venture capital (as it takes quicker for the company to get to you).

  • Takes quicker to take a company “public” and sell shares on a stock exchange if certain criterion are met, such as proper state and federal filings.




Shelf companies have the following features:

  • Ease of purchase – we publish our inventory so you can shop at your leisure
  • Head office jurisdiction of Federal companies easily changed to suit your needs (fee applicable)
  • No debts or liabilities
  • Fully organized minute books
  • Up-to-date resolutions
  • Are in good standing
  • Have never been in default or revoked
  • Annually filed with the government

Offshore jurisdictions are the countries which provide the service of registering offshore

companies. We offer cheap offshore companies – click to find the best prices online.

The typical offshore company incorporation process takes about 48-72 hours but preparation and sending of the documents from the jurisdiction can take between 1 and 2 weeks even with the use of couriers. There is no additional way to speed this up. In most cases, we receive scanned copies of all the corporate documents while the client waits for the originals to arrive.

Bearer share certificates do not indicate the name of the owner. The certificate is endorsed in blank such that the person having physical possession of the document is the owner. Bearer shares facilitate the transfer of assets because transfer of ownership is accomplished simply by the transfer of the certificate.

The share capital of a company is properly known as the authorized share capital. This share capital is a statutory requirement which sets out the total value of the shares that may be sold and distributed.

Company renewals are legal requirements which involves the paying of fees on an annual basis in order to keep the LLC in good standing. If an LLC is not renewed, it will no longer be in good standing and can be subsequently stricken off the register, meaning the company no longer legally exists. A certificate of good standing is issued when the renewal is paid up to act as proof.

A person or organisation in Good Standing is regarded as having complied with all his or its explicit obligations and succeeding in conducting his or its activities. In some cases, a bank may require an entity wanting to open an account such as a checking or savings account to show a certificate of good standing.

A power of attorney (POA) or letter of attorney is a written authorization to represent or act on another’s behalf in private affairs, business, or some other legal matter, sometimes against the wishes of the other. The person authorizing the other to act is the principal, grantor, or donor.

Yes, absolutely. The formal procedure for removing the directors of the IBC and appointing new ones will depend on the structure of the particular offshore company – how many directors, how many shareholders, what are the quorum requirements for corporate resolutions, etc.

Control over the company is gained through the General Power of Attorney signed by the nominee director to the beneficial owner or other person (who the beneficial owner may appoint), as well as the undated letter of resignation from the nominee director which can be executed at any time the owner wishes to appoint himself or another person as the director of the company.

Read more on Nominee Shareholders and Directors services

A Nominee Director is an unrelated person (corporate or individual), who would be officially registered and act as the Director of the company. Nominee director services are provided by licensed Registered Agent firms.

A Declaration of Trust from a nominee shareholder to the beneficial owner is to ensure that the nominee cannot use the shares in any way without the express authority of the beneficial owner.

The purpose of the nominee shareholder is to shield the actual owner of the offshore company from being publicly associated with the ownership of that particular corporation.

We provide nominee services in various jurisdictions.

A nominee shareholder is an unrelated person, who is officially registered as the holder of  the shares of the company.

The Articles of Incorporation is a document that establishes the corporation and contains basic information such as the name, share structure, and purpose of the corporation

A notarized document is a certified true copy of the original document which is signed (notarized) by one who is a registered Notary Public representative. This notary public representative is usually an attorney or a justice of the peace.

An apostilled document is the specific authentication of a document that has already been notarized as a true copy by a notary public representative and is authenticated by a specially appointed government official. The apostille is internationally accepted under convention of The Hague. Not all countries of the world are members of The Hague however the majority of English speaking and European countries are members.

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company. The LLC is a legal entity incorporated in a tax haven which is free from all local taxes, (except for annual fees). As the name implies the LLC provides limited liability to its members. There is no personal liability and therefore personal assets are protected against lawsuits, etc. The LLC is like a hybrid business entity similar to the US Corporation.

IBC stands for International Business Company or International Business Corporation. An IBC is a legal entity incorporated in a tax haven which is free from all local taxes, (except for annual fees). The IBC cannot conduct business in the country of incorporation. Dominica, BVI, Seychelles and Belize have a special IBC legislation in place, which is similar to the legislation for a Panama Corporation and Gibraltar Non-resident Company.

Offshore companies are used for a variety of commercial as well as private purposes. The cheapest Offshore companies are also used in a wide variety of commercial transactions such as being used as generic holding companies, as well as for joint ventures and listing vehicles. Offshore companies are also used widely in connection with private wealth for tax mitigation and privacy.


  • Zero or absolute minimum taxation on profits and capital gains outside of the country
  • Confidentiality, as no sensitive personal information is registered on public file

  • Protection, due to secrecy provisions enshrined in the law and no information-sharing agreements
  • Corporate flexibility: no paid-up capital, no requirement to declare operational objects, minimum requirements on directors and shareholders, fast incorporation.
  • Simplicity of management – shareholders` meetings can be held anywhere, including via electronic means.
  • Minimum reporting – no audit, no tax reporting, no financial information on public file

Yes, it is.  An offshore company is just the same as your domestic firm, only the offshore corporation is not burdened by excessive tax, the incorporation process is quick and it is easier to manage. Get all the fees and options for offshore companies formation.

It is recommended to consult with a certified tax expert in your location in order to verify the tax and legal issues in your specific country.

It is difficult to answer this question since every jurisdiction has its own benefits and laws relating to the owner of the company. The main features one should look into are:

Your geographical location, the intended business activity of the offshore company, the price of incorporation and management, speed of service, language, political status of the country, confidentiality etc.

A tax haven is neither a legal, nor a political, official or scientific term. Countries that offer substantial tax benefits to businesses are generally referred to as tax havens or tax paradise. A tax paradise is a country where one can register a business that will remain completely tax-free in that country.