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Features of Seychelles Offshore Company

Seychelles Company and 1st year fee: $499

  • Annual fees from the 2nd year $445


  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year

Optional services

  • Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) per year $450
  • Nominee shareholder per year $350
  • Notarized set of all corporate documents $100
  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents $200
Seychelles company formation process takes 1 – 3 business days
  • Certificate of Incorporation Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
  • Resolution of Director in Writing
  • Share Certificate
Available – we offer offshore Seychelles shelf companies from various dates of incorporation, names

and structures.

Through us, you can avoid what is often a long registration and incorporation process.

The name, share capital and additional features of the company can all easily be changed.

Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors may be appointed, thereby guaranteeing your anonymity.

By using nominees, the names of the beneficial shareholders or real directors do not need to be disclosed,

and are not made a matter of public record.

We can provide you with Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director Services ensuring further confidentiality

and privacy.

Upon registration of the company, the names of company officers and shareholders will not appear on public record, thus guaranteeing high confidentiality.

Shareholders’ names will not be divulged to any other party unless the director of the Seychelles’ company gives written consent.

A search of the company records can only be performed with written permission of the director.

Accounts preparation is not mandatory. Seychelles companies are not obligated to file accounts with the authorities, however it is expected that a company keep financial records, reflecting the fiscal position of the company.
International Business Companies (IBCs) are not obligated to pay any corporation tax in Seychelles.
Keeping track of renewals can be time-consuming if many IBCs are involved, specifically in Seychelles where annual fees are due one day before the anniversary of incorporation.

We help our clients with this by frequently reminding them and by sending out a renewal pro-forma invoice around 6 weeks in advance of the annual due date.

In this way we guarantee that no Seychelles company falls into delinquency or is suspended unintentionally, which could jeopardize its assets.


 The Cheapest Seychelles Offshore Company formation

There are 115 islands in the Republic of Seychelles. The main island of the Seychelles is Mahe, and the capital city is Victoria.
The three official languages of the Seychelles are: English, Creole and French.
Seychelles International Business Companies are worthwhile options to offshore companies inaugurated in jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands.
In December 1994 legislature was passed enabling the registration of IBCs, as well as other International Trusts. International (free) Trade Zone Companies were also officially endorsed at this time.
Other laws were more recently ratified, among them the licensing of offshore banks and insurance, and the regulating of a securities industry.
These laws were implemented following In-depth, comprehensive studies of long-standing offshore jurisdictions and global trust legislation.
The Seychelles Registry of International Business Companies is one of the cheapest and the fastest in the world, and the registration process is straightforward and simple.

We offer the cheapest Seychelles company formation available – register Seychelles company with us!

Type of LawSeychelles has a mixed legal system based on English Common Law and French Civil Law.
Authorized and Issued Share Capital  – Normally, Seychelles IBC’s authorized share capital at incorporation is USD $100,000 with par value. This capital is permissible in any currency.  Issued capital minimum is either one share of no par value or one share of par value.

What are the advantages of an offshore Seychelles company?

  • No taxation or absolute minimum taxation on profits and capital gains
  • Complete confidentiality, no sensitive personal information is made available on public record
  • Total protection, due to secrecy stipulations in the law and no information-sharing agreements
  • Corporate flexibility: fast incorporation, no paid-up capital, no obligation to declare operational objects, minimum requirements of one director and one shareholder
  • Ease of management – choice of options for holding shareholders` meetings, including by electronic means,  giving flexibility to the corporate decision making process
  • Once the Seychelles offshore company has been incorporated, there is no need for filing of accounts or submitting annual returns
  • Seychelles has remained on the OECD white-list and at the same time, has passed Phase I of the Global Forum Peer Review, while still managing to retain all the appealing aspects of its International Business Company offering.
  • Mainly this is due to the fact that a Seychelles IBC does not offer any advantage to a foreigner over a Seychelles resident.
  • Low Prices – Cheap Seychelles Company  incorporation is possible in just 499USD.

What are the most popular uses for a Seychelles Offshore Company?

Seychelles Trading Company – Many Seychelles-based companies are used for trading purposes as Seychelles is strategically located in the direction of Asia. Many businesses request a Seychelles-based company for trading purposes.

Online Companies –entrepreneurs who base themselves online, find Seychelles offshore companies to be an ideal solution for their online activities. With the low setup fee and minimum requirements it is at the top of the list for many businessmen when considering incorporating a new company.

Boats and Yacht Registration services in Seychelles – in order to register a boat under the Seychelles flag, you need to either be a Seychelles citizen, or form a Seychelles company for this purpose In the case of a pleasure yacht sailing mainly outside Seychelles territorial water, it is necessary to constitute an IBC International Business Company, with the offshore company in Seychelles in order to own the boat. We can assist you in setting up the process for all that you need for yacht/boat registration.

Fees for boat registration are a combination of the following:

  • Seychelles Company Incorporation
  • Boat Registration
  • Registration of Yacht Agent
  • Registration of Yacht Government
  • Telecommunications License
  • Annual Tonnage Government

Seychelles registered agents are a must for all queries regarding company incorporation. Please contact us for yacht registration.

How to set up the cheapest offshore company in Seychelles?

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