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Main features of UK Offshore Company

UK Company and 1st year fee: $549

  • Annual fees from the 2nd year $450


  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year

Optional services

  • Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) per year $450
  • Nominee shareholder per year $350
  • Notarized set of all corporate documents $100
  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents $200
UK company formation process takes 3-10 business days
  • Certificate of Incorporation Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
  • Resolution of Director in Writing
  • Share Certificate
Available – we offer offshore UK shelf companies from various dates of incorporation, names

and structures.

Through us, you can avoid what is often a long registration and incorporation process.

The name, share capital and additional features of the company can all easily be changed.

Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors may be appointed, thereby guaranteeing your anonymity.

By using nominees, the names of the beneficial shareholders or real directors do not need to be disclosed,

and are not made a matter of public record.

We can provide you with Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director Services ensuring further confidentiality

and privacy.

Upon registration of the company, the names of company officers and shareholders will not appear on public record, thus guaranteeing high confidentiality.

Shareholders’ names will not be divulged to any other party unless the director of the UK company gives written consent.

A search of the company records can only be performed with written permission of the director.

Accounts and tax filing must be submitted by year-end.
  • Tax rates depend on the net profit of the company and are quite low when compared with other EU nations. A 20% tax rate is payable for Companies with profit of under £300,000 per year.
  • whereas the higher rate of corporation tax will be 24%.
  • In General, a UK company is liable to pay taxes at the above-mentioned rates, however, it is possible to create low tax or no tax UK entities.
  • A non-resident company is only charged UK tax on UK income. A non-resident company’s foreign income such as rental, trading and investment is not charged tax.
Your profits Rate From 1 April 2014 From 1 April 2013 From 1 April 2012
£300,000 or less Small profits rate 20% 20% 20%
Above £300,000 Main rate 21% 23% 24%
Keeping track of renewals can be time-consuming if many IBCs are involved, specifically in Seychelles where annual fees are due one day before the anniversary of incorporation.

We help our clients with this by frequently reminding them and by sending out a renewal pro-forma invoice around 6 weeks in advance of the annual due date.

In this way we guarantee that no Seychelles company falls into delinquency or is suspended unintentionally, which could jeopardize its assets.


The Cheapest UK Offshore Company formation

There are various options one can choose from with regards to a UK limited company structure. All companies inaugurated in the UK must be registered with the official Registrar of Companies, Companies House.

Companies incorporated in the United Kingdom are considered European, they have a VAT number and a low tax rate. An option known as an Agency Company is available, this is where UK and offshore companies can be used together, thereby reducing the tax rate to less than 5%.

Another option used as a common structure is to set up a UK dormant Company.

(This means that no major accounting transactions took place during the accounting period)

UK company incorporation can usually be processed the same day.

What are the advantages of a Limited UK company?

The UK’s political and economical stability make it a very popular location for setting up Limited UK companies.

Other major benefits are the UK’s extensive links with the rest of the continent.

A UK company can be used for many business activities, such as:

  • Online eCommerce websites
  • International business
  • Holding company
  • Company for signing contract with EU entities (Dormant company UK)
  • UK company formation process can be completed electronically within a matter of hours

How to set up an offshore company in the UK?

Elite Formations makes the process easy. You can either use our smart and easy online form or you can contact us and we will personally assist you with every step of the process.

UK-registered companies are automatically part of The Companies Act, a legislation that has been around for a long time and so grants its members a sense of strong credibility as well as many other benefits. Receiving a UK certificate of incorporation confirms the connection between the company and the most comprehensive corporate law structure in the world.

When a company is registered in the UK, it is governed by “Companies House,” the governing body for all UK companies. Companies House runs an online data search for anyone wishing to receive information on any UK company, thus your company’s information is completely transparent and open to the public.

UK companies are required to submit all tax information and filing requirements. All annual returns must be filed with Companies House within 28 days of the legal return date. The legal return date is determined by one of two factors:

  1. The date that the UK company was officially registered (incorporation date)
  2. The date determined as that of the last annual return by Companies House

We have Secretarial Services that will file the annual returns of your UK Company for you and can be included in your UK company incorporation order. Strict compliance is required with all UK Company filling obligations. Our accounting partners are happy to assist in facilitating the smooth running of your UK Company.

At Elite Formations, our number one priority is to provide you with the key resources, sufficient knowledge and professionalism for setting up your new UK Company.

We understand that time is value. Therefore, we work with the best company formation agents in the UK.

Our UK company formations agents are only the best, most credible and recommended in the UK.

What is a Company Formation Agent?

A company formation agent in the UK is a person, group, team of persons or an organization that facilitates the formation of a company for you. Depending on the services they offer, company formation agents may offer a variety of services and can form a company from scratch.

The UK has succeeded in recent years in making the process of setting up a UK-based company much easier. UK Company Formation Agents have been around for a long time, but with the technological advancements we have today, such as the internet, the process has become much faster and much easier.

Having said that, the process should be taken very seriously. All limited companies are required by The Company Act 2006 to maintain registers that record the structure of the company, with details on the directors, shareholders and capital allotments. In addition, these details must be recorded in minutes of meetings as well as the share certificates.


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