Welcome to Elite Formations, the number one site for the cheapest Hong Kong company formation. We offer the most competitive prices and best service for offshore Hong Kong company incorporation. For just $1,900 you can register a company in Hong Kong online via our smart and easy online form or if you prefer, you can request assistance from our excellent customer support team. Cheap Hong Kong company formation has never been so easy!

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Main features of Hong Kong company

Hong Kong Company and 1st year fee: $1,900

  • Annual fees from the 2nd year $1,200


  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year

Optional services

  • Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) per year $450
  • Nominee shareholder per year $350
  • Notarized set of all corporate documents $100
  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents $200
Hong Kong company formation process takes 7-10 business days
  • All original corporate
  • documents
  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year
  • Express delivery with DHL/Fedex/UPS
Available – we offer offshore Hong Kong shelf companies from various dates, names and structures. You can easily change the name, share capital and additional features of the company.
You can change the name of Hong Kong shelf company company, Directors, nominees any time!
You can retain anonymity by appointing Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors. Where nominees are used, the disclosure of the beneficial shareholders or real directors is not a matter of public record, and the names do not need to be disclosed. We can provide you with Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director Services for further confidentiality adding an additional layer of privacy.
Hong Kong offers a high level of anonymity and privacy
Preparation of accounts required. Accounts are not publicly accessible.
No taxes on foreign profits as long as a Hong Kong company does not conduct any business within Hong Kong, and does not generate any income from Hong Kong-based sources, the company will not be taxable in Hong Kong
We continuously remind clients about renewals so that they do not have to keep track themselves. Keeping track of renewals can take considerable effort if many IBCs are involved, especially as in Anguilla annual fees are due one day before the anniversary of the incorporation. We send a renewal pro-forma invoice around 6 weeks in advance of the annual due date. This ensures that no Anguilla company falls into delinquency or is struck off unintentionally, which could put its assets at risk.

The cheapest Hong Kong offshore Company Formation

At Elite Formations you will find the lowest price for incorporating an offshore Hong Kong company. Our prices are considered to be extremely competitive and alongside our outstanding customer service and easy-to-use online form, you will find the best deal possible when incorporating an offshore corporation.

For 16 years now, Hong Kong has been voted as the freest economy in the world. Hong Kong offers its companies low tax, minimum administrative procedures, free flow of capital and information, a solid banking system, strong infrastructure and top communication tools.

China’s mainland is an extremely attractive location for marketing business in the region. Hong Kong’s strategic location makes it convenient for businesses to pursue the mainland business market.

As China is becoming more and more exposed towards the world trade market, Hong Kong has found itself to be the ideal balance and gateway between the Chinese export market and the western world. It seems the obvious choice for companies looking to take part in China’s expanding economy.

What are the advantages of a cheap Hong Kong offshore company?

  • Hong Kong is a World Recognized Leader in Banking and Business – Hong Kong’s economy is based on a safe and secure platform as well as offering businesses easy banking. It has one of the best banking systems worldwide. One may find a branch of almost every major international bank there such that foreign investors can easily find a suitable banking partner to arrange whichever finance and credit facilities one requires. The top banking and communications systems in Hong Kong essentially facilitate all the international transfers that pass through the region.
  • Taxation – Hong Kong has some of the lowest tax rates among all the places in the world. Currently, the profit tax rate is 16.5% for incorporated businesses. There is no capital gain tax. Dividend income is also not subject to profits tax. Therefore, by setting up a Hong Kong company, the foreign investor can avail of himself of the low tax rates in Hong Kong and minimize his tax liabilities from the China investment through proper tax planning.
  • Proximity to Mainland Chinese market – CEPA opens up major market possibilities for Hong Kong goods and services, greatly enhancing the already close economic cooperation and integration between China mainland and Hong Kong.
How to set up cheap offshore company in Hong Kong?

Elite Formations makes the process easy. You can either use our smart and easy online form or you can contact us and we will personally assist you with every step of the process.

Company Formation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the main financial hubs in the modern world and a leader in the business world. It has a stable economy with a well-developed infrastructure, a capital market that is constantly on the rise and hard-working, highly-educated professionals. Due to its success as a leading pioneer in the business world, it is an attractive location for entrepreneurs and companies to delve into the Asian markets and is also conveniently a gateway into the Chinese market.

HK company formation services

There are a number of options available when deciding what type of company to set up in Hong Kong. These include the following:

  • Hong Kong Limited liability: this is the most popular option as it requires minimal set-up effort. Incorporating in Hong Kong means you are covered by Hong Kong’s Company Law. You can obtain a Hong Kong business registration certificate for operating in Hong Kong.
  • Overseas Limited Company: A limited company that is incorporated overseas, such as the British Virgin Islands (BVI), can operate in Hong Kong by obtaining a business registration. While BVI companies have certain advantages pertaining to the shareholder’s information, some banks may require additional fees or even reject the account altogether. Most banks also required the company to declare who the ultimate personal beneficiaries are.
  • Sole proprietorship: This business set up makes the single owner liable for his company’s business as well as all the assets owned by the company. It is more appropriate for a self-employment type of business.
  • Partnership: An unlimited liability company by 2 or more persons without shares. There is less protection of the company in this case. If there is more than 1 partner, incorporating a limited company is a better choice.

Hong Kong Incorporation Services


  • Company name: Your HK company name will be unique, as the name you choose will have to go through an approval process done by the Hong Kong companies’ registry to ensure there are no similar names in current use.
  • Directors (aged 18 or over): Either a minimum of one director of any nationality or a company is allowed. There is no limit for the number of directors. Residency in Hong Kong is not a requisite. Directors need not be shareholders. Appointment of a nominee director is permitted.
  • Shareholders (aged 18 or over): There is no residency requirement, a minimum of one shareholder and can be a person of any nationality or a company. A shareholder can also be the director. Nominee shareholders may also be appointed.
  • A Company Secretary: Must reside in Hong Kong or a body corporate that must have its registered office in Hong Kong. A sole director/shareholder cannot act as company secretary. A nominee secretary may be appointed.
  • A Hong Kong Registered Address: Every HK company must have a registered office in Hong Kong. The registered address must be a local physical address and cannot be a PO Box.

Hong Kong Company Registration Service

We have been in the business of assisting individuals as well as small companies for over 7 years in starting up their companies in Hong Kong. Our services are confidential, efficient and cost-effective as we give primary importance to getting the job done seamlessly and affordably.


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