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Main features of Gibraltar Company

Gibraltar Company and 1st year fee: $1,990

  • Annual fees from the 2nd year $1200


  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year

Optional services

  • Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) per year $450
  • Nominee shareholder per year $350
  • Notarized set of all corporate documents $250
  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents $400
Gibraltar company formation process takes 5 – 8 business days
  • Certificate of Incorporation Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
  • Resolution of Director in Writing
  • Share Certificate
Available – we offer offshore Gibraltar shelf companies from various dates, names and structures. You can easily make changes to the name, share capital and other features of the shelf company.
You can retain anonymity by appointing Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors. Where nominees are used, the disclosure of the beneficial shareholders or real directors is not a matter of public record, and the names do not need to be disclosed. We can provide you with Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director Services for further confidentiality adding an additional layer of privacy.
The names of the shareholders are required to be listed on the Annual Return and Incorporation documents. The identity of the beneficial owners of the Gibraltar Non Resident Company may remain confidential if corporate shareholders are engaged to act as the shareholder on behalf of the ultimate beneficial owners. This confidentiality is maintained as long as the company and its ultimate beneficial owners are not involved in any criminal activity.
All limited companies are required to file accounts, however if the company qualifies as a “small company” an abridged balance sheet is permissible and there is no requirement for an audit or profit and loss accounts. To qualify as a small company two of the following three requirements should be met:

  • Net Annual Turnover must be below £6.5 million.
  • Total Balance Sheet value must be below £3.26 million.
  • The number of employees should not exceed 50.
A Gibraltar Non Resident Company does not fall under the Gibraltar tax system and therefore is not required to register or file in Gibraltar for taxation purposes. In addition there is no wealth tax, Capital Gains Tax, gift tax or Value Added Tax.
We continuously remind clients about renewals so that they do not have to keep track themselves. Keeping track of renewals can take considerable effort if many IBCs are involved, especially as in Anguilla annual fees are due one day before the anniversary of the incorporation. We send a renewal pro-forma invoice around 6 weeks in advance of the annual due date. This ensures that no Anguilla company falls into delinquency or is struck off unintentionally, which could put its assets at risk.

The Cheapest Gibraltar Offshore Company formation

Gibraltar has the latest in digital and fiber-optic telecommunications. Due to their access to top technology, Gibraltar has benefited from a major growth in their technology sector due to the many gambling and gaming companies who have decided to incorporate their companies in Gibraltar, taking advantage of the low tax and top telecommunications facilities.
Type of Law – Common Law based on English Common Law.
Principal Corporate Legislation- Based on the United Kingdom 1929 Companies Act (as amended) and the Companies Ordinance 1984 (as amended).
Directors – The minimum number of directors is one, who may be a natural persons or a body corporate. They may be of any nationality, and need not be a resident of Gibraltar

The Advantages of having a Gibraltar Company:

Gibraltar is the only British offshore centre that can and will increasingly be able to provide financial institutions with access to the European market for financial services.
There are a number of factors that particularly make Gibraltar an attractive option for offshore businesses:

  • Ideal geographical location as well as being a bilingual (English and Spanish) territory
  • It is the only British offshore centre that is part of the European Union
  • No exchange controls.
  • Favorable tax status for offshore banks.
  • Strong infrastructure and communications.

  • Excellent reputation, stable government and special status within the European Union.
  • Cost effective and attractive fiscal regime for offshore investors

Gibraltar also has other advantages, including its status in the EU as it is the only jurisdiction that offers a flexible tax regime (25 years), there is no requirement to levy VAT and it has regulatory standards that are similar to those of the EU and the UK, however still retaining its flexibility since it is a small jurisdiction. These factors make Gibraltar an attractive option when deciding where to incorporate an offshore company. An offshore company registered in Gibraltar can be used for a number of activities, including e-commerce, gaming and trading.

How to set up an offshore company in Gibraltar ?

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