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Features of Delaware Company

Delaware Company and 1st year fee: $849

  • Annual fees from the 2nd year $675


  • Government fees
  • Registered agent for 1 year
  • Registered office for 1 year

Optional services

  • Nominee Director (Including apostilled Power of Attorney) per year $450
  • Nominee shareholder per year $350
  • Notarized set of all corporate documents $100
  • Apostilled set of all corporate documents $250
Delaware company formation process takes 2-4 business days
  • Certificate of Incorporation Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • Resolution of Subscriber in Writing
  • Resolution of Director in Writing
  • Share Certificate
Available We have a range of Delaware shelf companies with random company names and incorporation dates from which you may choose. Our shelf companies are incorporated and then left to “age” until we decide to either put the aged offshore company up for sale, or get a particular request for a company formed in a specific year. Delaware off the Shelf companies are pre-registered companies kept on a “shelf” until they are sold. Shelf companies are registered with the purpose to be sold. When it comes to new companies, the owner will select the type of company he/she wishes to register, appoint the director as well as provide the necessary information for the company.
Nominees are available; a Delaware offshore company requires a minimum of one director.

You can retain anonymity by appointing Nominee Shareholders and Nominee Directors. Where nominees are used, the disclosure of the beneficial shareholders or real directors is not a matter of public record, and the names do not need to be disclosed. We offer the service of providing you a Nominee Shareholder and Nominee Director for further confidentiality, thus adding an additional layer of privacy.

One may attain the highest form of confidentiality with a Delaware LLC by registering for the company via a professional registered agent. Only the company name and the name and address of the agent will appear on the Certificate of Incorporation along with the incorporation date and the company file number. Delaware LLC privacy offers the following: No information about the members or managers is required to be listed on the Certificate of Incorporation and the Delaware Division of Corporations does not request, obtain, or store any information regarding the LLC’s members and managers.
No Annual return filing requirements: Preparation of accounts is not required. There is no requirement to file accounts with the authorities.
There is no Delaware income tax for Delaware corporations or limited liability companies that do not do business in Delaware.
We continuously remind clients about renewals so that they do not have to keep track themselves. Keeping track of renewals can take considerable effort if many IBCs are involved, especially as Delaware annual fees are due one day before the anniversary of the incorporation.

We send a renewal pro-forma invoice around 6 weeks in advance of the annual due date. This ensures that no Delaware company falls into delinquency or is struck off unintentionally, which could put its assets at risk.


Low-Cost Delaware Company Formation

There are over one million business entities that have taken advantage of Delaware’s complete incorporation package which includes modern and flexible corporate laws, a highly-respected judiciary and legal system, a business-friendly government and customer-service-oriented staff at the Division of Corporations.

Additional Advantages for Delaware Corporations include:

  • A Delaware LLC may be owned by any nationality, regardless of place of residence.
  • A company registered in Delaware may have one or more members.
  • Nominees may be appointed as to not disclose the owner’s name to the state. A Delaware LLC is not required to report any assets.
  • The company may be managed from anywhere in the world.
  • There is no state income tax for any profits derived from outside of the state.

Delaware’s Chancery Court oversees matters involving Delaware’s General Corporate Law and has a reputation as one of the finest courts in the country.

Chancery Court issues decisions without jury trials, so their decisions are written, well thought-out and easy to follow.
Most American corporate attorneys have studied Delaware incorporation law since the well written opinions of the Delaware judiciary have made such an impact on American corporate law such that it is used in many legal textbooks in order to teach law students.

The Delaware Division of Corporations generates a considerable amount of revenue for the State, so in return, the state has invested in state-of-the-art imaging equipment which makes the processing of new filings move quickly.

One of the main reasons it is recommended to incorporate a company in Delaware is in order to protect your assets. Using an incorporation, you can separate your personal assets from your company’s assets. When you conduct business not using a corporation or limited liability company, you place both your personal and business assets at risk. When the two are separated and you use a legal form to conduct business, your personal property is better protected.

Incorporation or formation of a limited liability company in Delaware also allows you to take advantage of the statutory and judicial laws in Delaware, to help you plan how to run your business.

Delaware Companies Are Great For Virtual or Mobile Companies

With technological advancements such as mobile internet, easy file-sharing and cloud computing, it is easy for companies to move around freely. For these companies it is also easy to incorporate a cheap company in a jurisdiction that works to their advantage with low annual fees and little or no annual tax reporting – even if they do not conduct business in that particular jurisdiction.
Companies of all sizes, including more than 50% of U.S. publicly traded companies, 64% of the Fortune 500, and thousands of subsidiaries of companies based outside of the United States have chosen Delaware as their corporate base.

How to set up a cheap company in Delaware?

Elite Formations makes the process easy. You can either use our smart and easy online form or you can contact us and we will personally assist you with every step of the process.


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