6 Reasons your Business will Benefit from Small Business Debit Card

 Small businesses have many important decisions to make in order to steer their enterprise towards success.
One of the most important decisions is how to manage finances, especially choosing the best way to make businesses purchases. Small business debit cards are the ideal choice for small business purchases and offer many benefits compared to using cash, […]

Offshore Company Criteria

The term ‘Offshore Company’
Is a legitimate business setup in which a company can become registered outside the country of its incorporation or the country in which it conducts its main operation and/or the place of residence of its owners, shareholders, principals or directors. They are set up so that economic and legal benefits can be […]

How to select a juristction

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD, also known as “The guys who think high taxes benefit us all”, descibes a tax haven as a jurisdiction that enables companies and/or individuals to avoid tax payments that would otherwise be paid in their relevant jurisdiction.

“Tax avoidance” is the term used by these tax havens as […]

Offshore Company with an offshore Bank Account opening

What are the benefits of forming an offshore company with an offshore corporate bank account?

Strict confidentiality and privacy, with no public records of ownership.
No corporate taxes.
In most cases there is no accounting or annual filings necessary.
Lawsuit protection.
Protection from unwarranted snooping around your finances.
The possibility to store multi-currency funds outside of your home country.
Online access 24/7 […]

Offshore Formation – Is Offshore The Right Choice For You?

Are you looking to set up a new company?  If yes, you should consider offshore formation –
A quick and advantageous method to opening a new company.
Below we have outlined some significant reasons why setting up companies offshore could be the right choice for you:

Tax Savings – this is one of the major benefits, especially for […]