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Elite Formations  is a world leader in the Forex licensing field; they offer unique services and assist clients in obtaining Vanuatu Forex licenses (VFSC – Vanuatu Financial Services Commission).

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Why Choose Vanuatu?

  • Increased regulation in the Forex industry
  • You can open a bank account with this license
  • In high demand from brokers
  • Can be obtained easily
  • Time and cost efficient process
  • Low-cost yearly maintenance

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    Elite Formations has helped countless clients successfully apply and acquire a Security Dealer License in Vanuatu; we are world leaders in our field; highly professional experts and we offer brokers excellent benefits.

    Our Services Include:

    • Applying for Security Dealer Licenses
    • Formation of Vanuatu Companies
    • Offering Solutions for Payments and Banking
    • All Procedures, Documentation and Administration
    • We have vast experience in the Forex licensing field
    • We assist with finding banking and payment options
    Vanuatu licenses are now in high demand from brokers around the world including South Korea, Philippines, China etc. and GCC.

    Vanuatu Forex Broker License FAQs

    The Vanuatu Financial Services commission (VFSC) is the body responsible for regulating all financial dealings in Vanuatu including issuing broker licenses.

    To successfully apply and acquire a Vanuatu Forex license you must first register your business as a Vanuatu International Company. This can take about 3 days and Elite Formations will guide you through the process step-by-step.

    Once your business has been incorporated and is a Vanuatu International Company Elite Formations will submit your application for a Security Dealer License. It takes between 6 and 8 weeks to complete the Security Dealer License process. Once you have a Security Dealer License it must be renewed each year by reapplying and paying the appropriate fee.

    • Brokers with businesses in Vanuatu are required to deposit a security bond of VT200, 000 (approx. $2,000) with the Vanuatu Register of the Supreme Court.
    • Vanuatu operates in accordance with the Prevention of Frauds Act which is user-friendly and makes applications for Security Dealer Licenses possible for both individuals and companies.

    Advantages of having a Vanuatu Forex License

    With a Vanuatu-issued Forex license ( issued by the VFSC Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) the brokerage has the advantage of being able to sell, buy and trade in investments including options, shares and bonds. With a Vanuatu Forex license brokers are also able to manage traders’ investment portfolios. Vanuatu provides a commerce-friendly environment which is not only attractive to Forex brokerages but also to other fund management and investment institutions including hedge funds and brokerage companies with clients wanting to make securities investments prohibited in their home jurisdiction or clients living in jurisdictions with complex compliance regulations who would benefit from obtaining a Vanuatu license. Investments of this nature are possible with Vanuatu Forex licenses through brokerage companies established in Vanuatu and licensed to make securities trades. This legally avoids the restrictions imposed by other nations e.g. a European-incorporated brokerage with a license in a European country can also have a company licensed in Vanuatu which acts as a “market maker.” With the low minimum capital requirement from Forex brokers to acquire a Vanuatu FX license, compared to corresponding costs in places like Belize, Vanuatu is rapidly becoming the favored Forex license jurisdiction.

    4 Reasons to Obtain a Vanuatu Forex Licenses:

    • Small minimum capital requirement (approx. $2,000)
    • No obligation to maintain an office or employees within Vanuatu
    • Fastest Forex regulation in the industry
    • Low cost of application and acquisition of Vanuatu license

    With an official Forex license issued by the VFSC (Vanuatu Financial Services Commission) the broker gains a positive reputation in the trading community and he is perceived as more trustworthy. However there are many more advantages. In addition to the hassle-free application process of a Vanuatu Forex license and the minimal registration costs a broker holding a Vanuatu license has increased credibility when opening international bank accounts and setting up payment processing methods. Forex brokers seeking regulation can have all the benefits and increased financial viability of a Vanuatu Forex license without needing extensive funds.





      Vanuatu Forex Regulation – the Hottest Thing in the Forex Industry!

      Elite Formations has a long and successful track record in obtaining licenses for clients in jurisdictions around the world like Bulgaria, CySec, Seychelles and Belize Forex licenses. In addition our accumulated experience in securing Vanuatu Forex licenses for our clients has made us top of our field. There is no other company with the same proven success rate and years of experience as Elite Formations.

      Why use Elite Formations to secure a Vanuatu Forex license?

      • Elite Formations has more experience obtaining FX broker license than any other company in the world
      • Elite Formations are Forex industry experts with a wide range of corporate solutions
      • Elite Formations clients are worldwide

      The Vanuatu Financial Services Commission was established in 1993 enabling brokers to hold a financial license in a Pacific country. Vanuatu’s hassle—free license application process and the country’s favorable tax laws (in Vanuatu there is no income tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax) make Vanuatu a popular jurisdiction for Forex brokers, traders and binary options brokers.

      Forming a Vanuatu Company Corporation 

      Vanuatu has become a favored jurisdiction for registering a company for several reasons. However it is imperative that you have a solid understanding of the implications of incorporating a company in Vanuatu and what this will mean to you and your business:

      Validity – Clients consider companies more trustworthy, credible and reliable than individual or partner traders. When you incorporate your business you gain credibility in the eyes of the industry, prospective clients and third parties. Third parties like lenders are aware that incorporated businesses have their information on public record and the business is obliged to comply with the Company Act rules. A registered company is overseen by a regulatory body and this inspires confidence in clients and gives credibility to the broker.

      Transfer of Shares – You can transfer or sell Vanuatu company shares with ease.

      Stability – Even if a Vanuatu company changes ownership or employees it maintains a sense of continuity and will remain in business until removed from the company register. Clients see this as a sign that the business is stable and this continuity inspires their trust. No matter what changes occur within the company its stable appearance will inspire confidence in clients to continue to do business with a company. A company differs from a partnership where business usually comes to an end when one of the partners leaves, dies or retires.

      Company Act – Under the Vanuatu Company Act shareholders have significant control through voting rights on particular decisions like removal of directors. Hence shareholders retain control without necessarily being part of the day-to-day company operations.

      Limited Liability – With a Vanuatu company the company holds liability and not the shareholders. So unlike single traders or partnerships where the liability for all obligations and debts incurred fall on the individuals an incorporated company bears all the burden of liability. This is the primary reason for incorporating a business.

      Steps for Incorporation of a Vanuatu Company:

      1. Choosing a name for your company – Select a distinctive, unique, relevant and memorable company name. Verify that the name is not already taken or similar to an existing company name.
      2. Determine your strategy – Decide your modus operandi. The Company Act offers a standardized set of rules but you also have the option to set your own company rules.
      3. Inform yourself about your legal obligations – Arm yourself with knowledge of legal obligations which may apply to directors or shareholders. All members of the company must be aware of the legal responsibilities and rights.
      4. Forming a Vanuatu Company
      5. As a Vanuatu company you will be required to submit annual returns. Accordingly it is vital that you keep your company details in order and up to date so that the VFSC (the Vanuatu regulatory body) can continue performing their duties and providing services to Vanuatu-registered companies.

      Benefits of a Vanuatu Incorporated Company:

      1. Your Vanuatu company name can be in any language with the appendage of LTD; Corp or Inc. In addition you will need a second official company name translated into English or French.
      2. Vanuatu registered companies can have offshore company capital in any currency and any amount – the share capital is not limited to a minimum or maximum amount.
      3. There must be at least one director and one shareholder in Vanuatu registered companies but their names are not made public.
      4. Incorporation of a Vanuatu offshore company can take only 2-3 working days and within an additional 5 business days the documents will have been shipped.