With the Help of Elite Formations regulation experts you can obtain a Seychelles Forex License

Get the leading Forex offshore License – Seychelles FX Broker License
Elite Formations has a reputation worldwide for helping clients secure a Forex license in the Seychelles; our services include: 

  • Elite Formations handles all facets of the application process for obtaining a Forex license in the Seychelles.

  • Seychelles Forex trading licenses are extremely popular among Asian brokers from Africa and the Middle East.

  • Assistance with locating suitable bank accounts

Why Work with Elite Formations ?

  • We have an excellent track record having already successfully secured twelve Seychelles Security Dealer License
  • Hassle-free process
  • Fast, efficient and inexpensive
  • Elite Formations has amassed invaluable experience in this field
  • Professional and dedicated account manager
  • We assist with finding banking and payment options

Why a Seychelles Broker License?

  • Seychelles FX licenses are in high demand especially from traders with average-size companies
  • Straightforward application process
  • Relatively fast application processing time
  • Seychelles is considered one of the top jurisdictions for offshore licenses
  • With a Seychelles Forex license you can open company bank accounts
  • Regulation is becoming more and more necessary in the Forex world

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    Elite Formations has assisted tens of clients in applying and securing Seychelles Forex Security Dealer Licenses; this has gained us immense experience in this field and in an excellent position to offer brokerages incredible advantages.

    We offer the follow services for applying and securing a Seychelles Forex License:

    • Applying for a Security Dealer Seychelles License
    • Setting up a Seychelles-incorporated Company
    • Finding banking and payment solution opportunities
    • Handling the paperwork and procedures
    Seychelles Forex licenses are particularly in demand from Asian brokers Philippines, China, South Korea and JCC.
    Why Choose Elite Formations

    • Extensive experience and knowledge of the Seychelles Regulation system
    • We are a reliable, well established and stable company
    • Moderate prices
    • Adept and rapid handling of the application process

    Elite Formations has worked with many clients assisting them in every step of the application process resulting in the acquisition of a Seychelles Forex Security Dealer License; this makes us specialists in this field and able to offer brokerages amazing benefits.

    Elite Formations and Seychelles Security Dealer Licenses:

    We can offer you services which cover all aspects of a Forex license in the Seychelles. Our full package includes every phase of the process to insure that you can confidently trust in our expertise. The package includes handling registration, renewal and ongoing compliance with the regulations of the Seychelles authorities.

    • Phase 1: Register as a Seychelles Incorporated Domestic Company 

    Before you can obtain a license you need to incorporate your business as a Seychelles company with a minimum share capital amount of $50,000. There must be at least two shareholders and two directors in your company although the same person can hold both positions in the company. Incorporation of a Seychelles company can take about two weeks.

    • Phase 2: Security Dealer License Application 

    Even before the first phase of incorporating your business is complete we can already initiate the application process by submitting your application to the FA. With us handling your application the preparation of required documents can take as little as two to four weeks.

    • Phase 3: Securing Bank Accounts and Options for Payments

    In order to hold a Seychelles license you must open a Seychelles bank account and deposited your share capital funds of $50,000. The funds can be used in the future to run your business and you are not required to maintain this amount in your bank account untouched. This corporate account will be able to accept client payments.

    • Phase 4: Setting Up Administration and Administration

    We can assist you in arranging administration and any office requirements you may have such as staff, legal or other.

    In addition we offer the following services – setting up corporate bank accounts to facilitate payments from the PSP/Accounting Bank

    • Wire solutions worldwide so that you can accept wire transfers
    • Merchant account so that you can receive credit card and debit card payments
    • Trading platforms

    Seychelles Financial Services Authority

    These days it is preferable to be a regulated brokerages; this is a wise business decision and gives your company legitimacy so that clients feel more confident in using your services. When you operate a brokerage business without having an official license it can be risky. You have many jurisdictions to choose from as many offer offshore Forex brokerage licenses. The question is how to decide which licensing jurisdiction is best for you?

    The Seychelles is one of the most sought-after jurisdictions among brokers for obtaining a Forex license.

    The Seychelles Financial Services Authority (formerly the Seychelles International Business Authority) is responsible for all Seychelles non-banking financial services including Forex brokerages, trust companies and issuing Forex trading licenses. In addition to issuing the licenses they are responsible for supervising, monitoring and developing the service industry which provides this sector with all it needs.

    In 2013 the Financial Services Authority Act created the Seychelles Financial Services Authority tasking it with a specific mission – to create an environment which was conducive for nurturing and developing the financial service industry in the Seychelles in accordance with economic development tactics of the Seychelles in alignment with local and international regulatory best practices and norms.

    When opting for a Forex trading license in the Seychelles you need submit an applicaiton for a Special License Company which was formulated according to the Seychelles Companies Act, 2003. This process can be more complicated and costly than setting up an international company. However it comes with more benefits especially when the business is licensed through the FSA.

    To apply for a Special License Company (CLS) in the Seychelles you need to submit documents such as a business plan; market information; a marketing strategy; professionally prepared financial forecasting; corporate documents and the applicable application forms to the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA). When you are issued with a Certificate of Approval you must then apply to the domestic Seychelles Registrar of Companies to incorporate your business. When this is done the Registrar will grant a Certificate of Incorporation which then allows you to get a Special License granted by the FSA stating that your company is to be a Special License Company.

    Advantages of a Seychelles Financial Services Authority Forex Trading License 

    • With a Seychelles Forex license you can council customers about Forex, stocks, securities more.
    • With a Seychelles Forex license you can manage securities portfolios.
    • If you hold a Seychelles Forex license, a Securities Dealer License you can trade securities either as a Nostro Account or agent.

    Advantages of the Seychelles jurisdiction for obtaining a Securities Dealer License 

    • The Seychelles are a popular and inviting jurisdiction for establishing a new business; the authorities and regulations make it inviting.
    • The Seychelles have a history of steady growth and so your clients will feel confident in doing business with companies set up in the Seychelles.
    • The Seychelles have excellent social and political stability.
    • Corporate tax in the Seychelles is 1.5%p.a. for income.
    • The Seychelles can provide all the facilities for service providers, banking and communications.
    • The Seychelles offer a conducive business and personal tax environment and access to tax treaties.

    Use our services to obtain a Seychelles Forex License 

    1. The Seychelles authority (FSA) is the regulatory authority for the Seychelles.
    2. Benefits of obtaining a Seychelles Forex License (Seychelles Forex Securities Dealer License)
    3. A Seychelles domestic company can offer services to clients such as management and trading services.
    4. Forex regulation in various jurisdictions.
    5. The required capital deposit is relatively low at US$50,000. This amount must be deposited in a Seychelles bank account and held by the bank until your license is issued. At which point the company is free to use the money.
    6. The Seychelles are a reputable jurisdiction in the Forex world and a Forex license issued in the Seychelles is considered preferable to other offshore Forex licenses.
    7. A company holding a Seychelles Forex trading license can open business bank accounts in the EU, PSPs, merchant accounts etc.

    The Seychelles Forex license is regulated by the Seychelles Security Act (2007)

    The Seychelles Securities Act (2007) provides a legal framework for dealing with Securities servers and how companies can be licenses as a principal or agent Security traders. The regulatory body in the Seychelles is FSA (Financial Services Authority of Seychelles).

    A Forex license issued in the Seychelles is a valuable asset to companies trading in Securities worldwide. In most instances it takes up to 4 months to obtain a Seychelles license this gives you time to lay the groundwork for clients switching to the new regulatory entity.

    Benefits of an Offshore Seychelles Securities Dealer License

    • You can offer Forex products and services online
    • You can receive client payments and undertake banking activities like formation of CFD or Forex products.
    • You can have an unlimited amount of clients.
    • Companies holding a Seychelles Securities Dealer License are assured a bank account with leading banks.
    • Seychelles are part of the IBAN system so clients can use their SWIFT code and IBAN code to transfer funds.
    • The required capital deposit is relatively low at US$50,000 and once the license is issued the company is free to use the funds.