Elite Formations, together with its associated partners located in various locations around the world, offers the service of opening corporate bank accounts in countries such as Switzerland, Bulgaria, Poland, Cyprus and more.

The process is all done remotely meaning that no personal meeting is required and everything can be done online.

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Advantages of Offshore Business Bank Account

  • When running a business, it is recommended to separate the business owner’s private bank account from the corporate bank account, thus making a separation between business and personal. This is recommended both for taxation purposes and professional purposes.
  • A corporate bank account gives companies (offshore companies and onshore companies) the opportunity to manage their bank account in accordance with their particular needs, such as transferring funds to suppliers, receiving payment from customers, paying out salaries and more.
  • All companies, no matter the size, have the opportunity to open a bank account as long as they supply the bank with the requested information and documents.
  • One should take into consideration that it is no simple task opening a bank account online as there are many documents required as well as many questions that are asked by the bank in order to process the account.


It is important to attain a list of required corporate documents before proceeding to open a corporate bank account such that you know and understand what documents will be required before submitting your application.

When a corporate bank account is opened, one should note that it is opened under the company’s name, not the director or the shareholder’s name.

No matter your role in the company, if you are looking to open a bank account, you naturally wish to find the best service for the company. One should look around at the various options on hand to find the best solution for you.

Whether you are the director, CFO or of the owner of the company you wish to get the best business bank accounts for your company. Shopping around for the best deal is essential when it comes to choosing the right offshore bank account. Opening a corporate bank account requires specific corporate documents, for example documents such as: the Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, appointment of First Director, Resolution of Director Consent in writing, Share certificates etc. We can advise you on which corporate documents will be required depending on which bank you decide to go with.

Our professionalism and experience has led us to being experts in the corporate banking world.